At the intersection of astrology and wellness is your ultimate self-care routine. Veroshka Williams, Ph.D. For, a licensed psychologist and astrologer, and founder of REST Wellness, these two seemingly separate fields are the same and one she talks about often on her popular Instagram page. Together, they are a collaborative field that helps others achieve their highest self and find the lifestyle that works best for them.

“By knowing your astrological personality … you can get all the details on how to best and keep yourself away from physical, emotional and spiritual ailments,” Williams tells Bustle.

Knowing your Big Three (Sun, Moon, and Rising signs) can help a lot, she says, but she also recommends exploring your Venus and Mercury signs. Each sign has a ruling element, which Williams says can guide your health journey.

Williams’ own interest in the intersection of astrology and wellness came when she was already working as a psychologist and wanted to learn more about her needs. “I knew then that as a Messi if I wanted to be happy, I needed to devote time to what made my heart warm and excited and to which I could connect with the purpose of life,” she said. says But, as a Leo rising, she also needs to maintain an active lifestyle. This realization led her to establish her own clinic in 2016, where she takes a “whole body approach to mental health and wellness for women” offering services focused on health, sleep, mindfulness, fitness, appearance and nutrition.

Below, Williams outlines everything you need to find your optimal health routine, common mistakes to avoid as you embark on this journey, and some best practices for each elemental sign.

How can people incorporate astrology into their daily health routine?

It is important that you know your astrological password: your sun is what you need to live a good life physically and your basic and childhood needs. Your growth is what you think you need to be good at, your maturity needs, and your growth path. Your Moon is how you view your life, your hopes and dreams. Your Venus needs your attachment and love, and it’s also your love language. Your Mercury is your communication style and what you need from the relationships in your life. Your Mars is the rhythm of what you need to live a good life and how you deal with problems.

Once you know your password and the elements in them and your chart, you can incorporate this information into your personal care, well-being, and life psychology. You can choose your job, residence and relationship according to your astrology.

What is a common mistake people make when incorporating astrology into their health routine?

Most people only care about their sun sign when it comes to fitness, but you need to get involved and create a healthy routine that truly meets all of your needs. Instead of just thinking about it as a process, you need to look at your health as a lifestyle. If we do that, we’re going to be really good.

What are the best self-care strategies for earth signs? What should they avoid?

Earth signs need to do grounding wellness practices like drinking a cup of tea, going for a walk, bonding with a pet, or getting a massage. The key is to maintain a routine where it is easy to incorporate them into your daily life.

Earth signs need to avoid being rushed, stressed about time, and on the move all the time. Traveling a lot is a big no-no.

What are the best self-care strategies for water signs? What should they avoid?

Water signs need to be associated with spiritual practices such as meditation (which can only be achieved through reading, meditation, or baking), chanting or praying, taking a long bath, or immersing in a body of water. Taking time to process emotions (which is why psychotherapy should be part of their wellness routine) is an important factor for a water sign’s health.

They should avoid void and hostile environment. Also, they should avoid high-intensity activities. Also, water signs are greatly affected by lack of sleep.

What are the best self-care strategies for fire signs? What should they avoid?

Fire signs need to exercise and be active in their daily lives. This means that their health routine needs to include the discovery of new places or ways, getting out of the house to get wellness, and also for health travel.

One thing to avoid is approaching health as part of the checklist. Fire signs need to make it a point to be present in their health practices.

What are the best self-care strategies for air signs? What should they avoid?

The best self-care strategies for Air signs are arts and crafts, puzzles, listening to music, dancing, and anything that connects them creatively. It is important that Air signs practice mindfulness in their daily lives to relax their dormant minds.

Air signs should avoid health strategies such as meditation and high-intensity activities because they may cause stress and add to their overactive mind.

This interview has been edited and edited for clarity.

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