There was panic as a large number of people living around the fishing port came out of their houses in panic after catching some kind of wind. gas here Thursday night. Residents said that a poisonous gas leaked from the Central Institute of Fisheries Nautical & Engineering Training (CIFNET), located near the fishing port on the Coastal Road.

According to the residents, many of them suffered from vomiting and a burning sensation in the face due to the gas leak that was exposed. However, the situation was brought under control within a short period of time.

Police Officer of the same town Ch. Revathamma said that while they were carrying out work at the Sri Kanakamahalakshmi temple, they received a call about an ice leak and rushed to the spot. As there was a bad smell, we warned people and asked them to leave the institute, he said.

Now, the residents have said that instead of protecting them, the police have done it to them. Some of them got into a heated argument with the police. However, the One Town police said that after the gas leak, many people started protest action demanding the institute’s relocation.

“We asked them to stay at least 100 meters from the school. We reassured them, but it was not done,” said the Inspector.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director of CIFNET Jai Singh Meena said that around 10 pm, one of the ammonia gas cylinders of 50 kg size had a small leak at the bottom and the gas started leaking slowly. The leakage is so small that the installed ammonia leak detection system cannot detect it. Within a short time, our team of experts reached the spot and caught the leakage, he said.

He rejected the notions that people were suffering from burning eyes and vomiting. Also, the smoke did not develop as much as it was supposed to.

“It was also clarified that the statement that toxic gases were released from the Institute in the middle of the night, is not true as the Institute operates between 9 am to 5.30 pm only for five days a week and never release gasses and never run on gas. round the clock cold store according to a section of people. the institute is following safety measures and all according to the guidelines issued by the government,” he said in a statement.

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