Outside groups are urging Congress to consolidate key tax benefits for low-wage workers in a legislative package at the end of the year after previous extensions expire.

Organizations including poverty advocates, civil rights groups, the senior citizen group AARP and business representatives are calling on lawmakers to increase the tax revenue for workers. no children at home, saying it’s a critical program for low-wage workers and will boost the economy. employee participation.

Under the Democrats’ pandemic relief legislation, the maximum dollar amount for the tax credit for workers without dependent children who live in most of the year, profits grew faster, and profits were obtained at higher income thresholds. Democrats also offered benefits to most qualified workers 19 or older, eliminating the age limit.

The roughly $12 billion, one-year extension was phased out after 2021, returning to less debt and narrowing the pool for eligible workers ages 25 to 65.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a think tank that lobbied for the debt extension, estimated that by the end of the expansion, nearly 6 million working adults without children would be plunged into deeper poverty.

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