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VISAKHAPATNAM: Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman joined the Global Tech Summit and pledged her support to promote India’s G-20 presidency and Vizag tech summit. Ahead of the Vizag Tech Summit scheduled to be held in the city of Destiny in February next year, the Finance Minister extended the support of his company and explained that G-20 India is a broad, progressive and decisive.

He called on the leaders of the Global Tech Summit, chaired by Pulsus Group CEO Dr Srinubabu Gedela, to strengthen the G20 industry. “This tech summit is a good example of the growth and exposure of the capabilities, skill sets and technologies that are emerging in India, but from the perspective of the country to integrate programs in industrial automation,” said the Finance Minister.

During his interaction with the organizers, he spoke about India’s growth, investment prospects, reforms and the Centre’s push to expand the industry. According to Srinubabu Gedela, the head of delegation for the Vizag Tech Summit 2023, the Global Tech Summits will be hosted by major Indian cities, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore,
apart from India’s G-20 presidency. “Our aim is to make India achieve its trillion dollar economic goals by helping the nation to create jobs,” he said.

Projects worth Rs 3,000 cr to be signed during Vizag Summit

The Vizag Tech Summit will cover a wide range of industries and showcase technology sessions in medicine, education, agriculture, metaverse, biotech, startups and offerings to promote economic growth and technological development. The executive director of the Vizag Tech Summit plans to host global tech companies in major cities around the world, including Seoul, Osaka, Brisbane, Riyadh, Rome, London, Toronto, and New York with the support of government and business leaders. around the world

“We welcome the changes that the government is considering to encourage investment and growth in the technology sector,” Srinubabu Gedela said after his meeting with the Finance Minister. “The objective of the conference is to attract investments by highlighting the opportunities related to India’s digital infrastructure, user experience, ease of doing business and good governance, ” he said.
Gedela said that it will provide organized technical groups with opportunities for entrepreneurs, including foreign countries, to work together.

The summit is an initiative of the Andhra Pradesh government and the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce. Projects worth Rs 3,000 crore will be signed during the event. The Vizag Tech Summit 2023 will conclude in Visakhapatnam on February 16-17 after hosting conclaves in 11 major cities.

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