VIJAYAWADA: The Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) is heading to introduce gate tax and user fee collection in the city. The civic body bought it Email Marketing (EPOS) machines used for property tax collection.
VMC authorities have been receiving hundreds of complaints from residents for lack of COVERcard and other digital payment options at tax collection centers.
Considering the requests, the VMC has designed an EPOS system to solve all the problems, and help the VMC authorities to collect taxes and user fees at the doors of the denizens.
The revenue wing of the VMC conducted a training program for the cash clerks working in the secret areas of the city on the use of EPOS machines. Officials hope the new system will help improve tax collection this financial year. The revenue wing said that customers can clear their pending taxes using credit/debit cards or digital payment modes with the help of new facilities. VMC said the new system will improve transparency in the tax collection system and also control corruption at the sources.
At this time, the undercover employees of the office in the state are not happy with the tax and collection of the user. Ward Secretary working at Vishakapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) staged a protest demanding the officials to release them from the duty of tax collection. They said they could not face the public’s anger in going door to door to collect garbage.

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