Egypt Al-Ahly wins 2017 women’s volleyball championship for Arab clubs

Image credit: Al-Ahly . Sports Club official website

The 2017 Arab Club Women’s Volleyball Championship which honored Egypt as the winner of the competitions concluded the events on 22 December 2017 at the Cairo International Stadium.

Five clubs from four Arab countries competed: Al-Ahly of Egypt, Sports Club of Alexandria of Egypt (ASC), Sportif Club of Sfaxien (CSS) of Tunisia, GS Pétroliers of Algeria ( GSP) and Youth 20 Press of Sudan.

According to the number of points each team won, Al-Ahly won the championship and the runner-up was CSS of Tunisia. In third place is Algeria’s GSP while fourth place goes to Egypt’s ASC.

Commenting on the results, Yara Fawzi, head of the volunteer committee at Egypt’s Ministry of Youth and Sports, told Egypt Streets “Al-Ahly did not lose a match and is the team with the best record. On the other hand, Sudan’s Youth 20 Press is the team with the worst record.”

Al-Ahly’s Aya Hamdy El-Shamy was awarded the “Champion’s Player of the Year” award.

Image credit: Al-Ahly . Sports Club official website

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