A young woman in an inebriated state caused chaos by attacking residents and shouting at the top of her voice near the YMCA parking lot on Beach Street in the city of Wednesday night.

As the crowd gathered around her and started filming on their mobile phones, a police officer arrived at the scene and tried to calm her down, when the woman started throwing abuse. him and hurt him.

The police said that a person had called the police control room informing them about a woman creating disturbance near Kurupam towers in a drunken state. The man complained that he was drinking in public and attacked a man who asked him not to do so.

When a team of III-Town police went to the area, they searched for him and found him near the YMCA parking lot. When they tried to control him, he flew into a rage and cursed at police and attacked a police officer, sources said. Videos of the incident were posted on social media.

The woman was arrested after being arrested and produced in court and remanded in custody.

Cases are recorded

III According to Police Officer K. Rama Rao, the police found out that this woman was from a Dairy farming area, and that she was very drunk. “We arrested the woman for assault, stopping the police from carrying out their duties, and several other charges. She was arrested by the court after a medical examination, said it is.

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