Visakhapatnam: A class IV student studying in a private school near Ukkunagaram Eliza Sevarin (9) was killed in an accident in Visakhapatnam on Tuesday. The incident happened when his mother was dropping the boy to school on a two-wheeler at 8 am. A truck belonging to a lumber company was speeding by and hit the second wheel. In the accident, Eliza Sevarin fell down and the car ran over the student’s head claiming his life at the scene.

After the accident, the bus escaped from the spot. In a show of anger, parents of other students destroyed the car of the drug club. Meanwhile, parents, RINL employees gathered at the place and staged a protest against the medical team and the school administration who did not come forward to reach the parent who lost his child. . When the police tried to remove the dead body from the place, the parents of the students refused and continued their protest on the street.

Even at 8.30 am, the body continued on the road till 4 pm. The protestors demanded that the medical buses run on the road because this is a school area and the driver of the bus ran away, and the owner of the bus will be arrested.

When there was an accident near the school, the school principal did not come to save the parent who lost his child. Other parents report that the student died in an accident due to the negligence of the school administration. DCP Anand Reddy, South ACP Trinadh, Steel Plant, Duvvada and Gajuwaka CIs V Srinivasa Rao, B Srinivasa Rao and L Bhaskar, Traffic CIs and police and CISF personnel came to control the situation.

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