Dil-Raju-Mythri-Movie-MakersDil Raju Vs Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna at the box office this Sankranthi. As things stand today, the situation is deteriorating for Waltair Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy in centers where there are single theaters or double theaters.

In most of those theatres, Varasudu will be alone. If it’s a single movie theater, then there’s no chance that other movies will be released. If there are two theatres, one should belong to Varasudu and the other should be shared.

If it is the problem with small centers, among the big centers, Vishakapatnam and in some way, the city of Hyderabad is the problem for Waltair Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy.

In Vizag city, Varasudu will have six theatres, while Waltair Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy will have four each. This is not suitable for two stars.

Also, Varasudu will get Vizag’s best screens like Sangam, Melody, and Sri Kanya.

But at least, Balakrishna will get something better like the first day, that is, on January 12, his film will be released in eight theaters.

Waltair Veerayya while releasing on 13th will have Varasudu and Veera Simha Reddy in theaters but it will only release in four theaters on its first day.

Even for Balakrishna, it becomes irrelevant from day 2 when compared to Varasudu which holds six theaters without any competition.

Dil Raju’s team, however, said that it would be better if Mythri was released only with that film holding eight theatres. They are remembered how never in history, both were released for Sankranthi from the same factory.

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