A video is going viral on social media showing a man with stab wounds on his face sitting in a train compartment. While sharing the video, social media users said that people from the Muslim community attacked the injured man because he allegedly interrupted their offering of Namaz.


The 2:20-minute viral video shows an injured man with blood stains on his face sitting in a train compartment.

The man in the video says, “This is a work of Train 12804 going to Visakhapatnam in station S4. In this train, there are about five or six Muslim brothers. They are praying at 5.15 am, 1.30 pm, and 5.15 pm. completely blocking the road and causing trouble to everyone. When I went to the rest room in the afternoon, they said don’t come here, our Namaz is going on. saying that their Namaz was going on. After their Namaz was offered, I sat there and called the name of my God. I started praying for 2-3 minutes, then, Some people came from the tent car and attacked me.”

Then the man took the camera and showed the Muslim men who offered Namaz on the train.

A Twitter user @RituRathaur shared the video with the caption, “Horror! Hindu man beaten up by ‘shanti doots’ for refusing to recite Namaj three times as train moves thus blocking the way to the bathrooms.Someone helped a Hindu man on the train to Visakhapatnam.

Dainik Bhaskar reporter Rahul Sharma shared the images of the Muslim men shown in the video offering Namaz.

He shared the video with a Hindi caption in English that read, “Ex-army man was assaulted in an argument for reciting Namaz on Visakhapatnam Swarna Jayanti Express. . However, in the when the ex-serviceman started chanting on his chair, he was attacked. Medicine is going on in Betul”.

Sagar Kumar, a reporter for the far-right Sudarshan News, shared the video saying, “Jihadis have caused Hindu blood in the train.”

A Twitter user @its_VSR shared the video saying, “This community is a kind of demons”

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The analysis company Logical Indian confirmed the viral claim and found it to be false. The former soldier was involved in a fight with the garage workers which led to his injuries which we can see in the video.

We have already seen that when reporting the incident, the person in the viral video did not clearly say that the men who attacked him belonged to the Muslim community. He only said that 3-4 people from the pantry car attacked him.

We conducted a keyword search and found a report by Firstpost that was published on November 22, 2022. The report said that the pantry car workers were accused of being an Indian army veteran. The ex-serviceman attacked a group of Muslims praying on board the Swarna Jayanti Express. The ex-soldier, Vilas Naik, was allegedly beaten up by pantry car workers on a train near Betul in Madhya Pradesh. As per Firstpost report, the incident was from November 20 and the ex-jawan’s video went viral on November 22.

The ex-serviceman sat on the coach’s path and started reciting Hindu prayers against the Muslim men offering prayers. An employee of the tent asked Naik to stay away but he refused leading to a fight between them.

The Firstpost report named the bus driver Harvesh Singh, who allegedly hit Naik, which led to Naik’s injuries as seen in the viral video. Shrivastava said the ex-serviceman became violent when he tried to solve the case. The tent bus driver said he was attacked on the neck by Naik.

We have also seen a report by FreePress Journal published on November 22, 2022. The report also revealed the names of Naik’s assailants as Harvesh Singh and Pawan Singh.

The report also carried a statement from GRP-Betul Police in-charge Narottam Singh Thakur who said that former army officer Vilas Naik had alleged that he was assaulted by two employees of a taxi. .

We also saw a report by Times Now published on November 21, 2022, mentioning Mujkir Ahmed, one of the drivers offering Namaz.

Ahmed was quoted as saying, “We are offering Namaz. The ex-serviceman objected by saying that he wanted to go to the toilet. After offering Namaz, we sat down.” to our seats.pray and stop a tent worker.

The Times Now report also mentions the name of the pantry truck driver Harvesh Singh who is reported to have handled the situation. The report also states that the conductor and cabin crew were ejected from the train.

We’ve seen tweets from Kashif Kakvi, a multimedia publisher from Madhya Pradesh. In a series of tweets, he shared pictures showing the incident that took place on the Swarna Jayanti Express and the words of those involved.

In this tweet, the person in the viral video is seen leaning on a chair and sitting on the floor of the train station. Restaurant workers can be seen standing around with their food. The tweet read, “Ex-serviceman Vilas Naik and his family boarded the Swarna Jayanti Express from Hazrat Nizamuddin to Vishakapatnam. Some Muslim youths also boarded his bogie. Namaz almost twice required to go to toilet during Namaz”.

In a video message given by Harvesh Singh, the manager of the pantry car, he said, “The man disturbed the people who were reading Namaz in the train. He sat on the floor and kept saying he wouldn’t let anyone go. Then I went in and asked him why he was doing that, he attacked me on the neck. He started beating himself. After attack, when we asked him to file a first investigation report (FIR) with the police, he demanded that those offering Namaz should be released.”

In the video report, Narottam Singh Thakur, police of the Government Railway, said, “There was a fight between the occupants of the pantry car and the retired soldier. The soldier suffered a nose injury which led to the blood. He has since been admitted to hospital. It is believed that the ex-serviceman stopped the taxi workers and led to the fight, the Muslims offered Namaz separately, but not the fight between them. doesn’t matter.”

The National Railway Police sent everyone involved in the incident off the train to question them about it. The Betul GRP filed an FIR after two were arrested and one person absconded.

We have also seen a report submitted by the Railway authorities after the incident. The report revealed, “Some Muslim passengers sitting on the seats next to him were offering Namaz, and he had difficulty going to the toilet. The floor of the train, which obstructed the movement of the employees of the pantry car. Harvesh Singh and two other customers on the complaint of the driver Vilas Naik under section 294, 323.”

The report is submitted by the Railway manager

The end:

We know that the video has been shared with the complaint of Muslim men who allegedly assaulted a minister after he objected to their Namaz. The former soldier was involved in an altercation with the garage workers which led to his injuries which were seen in the video. According to the people involved, the Muslims on the train did not participate in the attack on the first soldier. Therefore, the viral claim appears to be misleading.

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