Saturn is a planet that represents restriction, evolution, time and growth.

Saturn’s main transit happens every fifteen years through conjunctions, squares and oppositions. The lessons we learn during these periods continue to add to and contribute to our growth. The restriction we may have felt early in life can help us break free and embody our free nature later.

At the time of your birth, the placement of Saturn affects your chart, especially if personal planets are aspecting it.

In the first 15 years of life, you learn about yourself and who you are. Transiting Saturn forms the first square to your natal Saturn, forcing you to face challenges. Achievements occur during your first Saturn return at the age of 27-30.

But, according to astrological TikToker @zoflowastro, it’s not just your Saturn sign that plays a role — the degree also has a big impact on your life.

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The degree of your Saturn sign will tell you at what age you become an adult.

This Saturn vision is provided by professional tarot reader, astrologer, and numerologist Jasmine Wolfe. According to this belief, “.. your Saturn degree will tell you at what age you were supposed to become an adult… Oftentimes based on the degree of that year you can recognize or remember certain situations that you You have been placed in life … where you were supposed to grow up”.

The astrologer emphasizes that based on your degree, you will be able to see how in life Saturn pushed you towards adulthood and you will also remember the significance of the year.

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