Patna: A daily wage laborer living in Bihar’s Rohtas district has received a notice from the Income Tax department asking him to pay Rs 14 crore as compensation.

One Manoj Yadav, a laborer and resident of Kargahar village, received a notice demanding payment of Rs14 crore in income tax.

According to the official, the bank records show transactions of crores of rupees making him liable for tax.

When Yadav and his family received the notice, they informed the officials that he was a daily wage laborer and would not be able to pay the amount.

Yadav is said to have worked in private companies in various places including Delhi, Haryana and Punjab before but returned to his home in Bihar after the Covid shutdown in 2020.

On the other hand, the tax officials, who visited Yadav’s house to declare him, were also surprised when they saw the financial condition of the family.

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