The Santa Monica College Corsairs (SMC) women’s volleyball team plays against the Citrus College Owls at home on Wednesday, October 19. SMC entered the game with a 13-4 season record and second place awarded. consolidated at the Western State Conference (WSC) Men with a 4-1 record. The Owls held a 6-12 aggregate record and a 2-3 WSC pre-match record. In theory, the Corsairs seemed like the clear winner, but the game proved to be tough.

Citrus scored the first point of the game thanks to an SMC attack. From there, the game goes back and forth between Citrus leading and SMC taking the lead. The Corsairs equalized 6-6 due to an Owls attacking error and were able to take the lead from there. The number of kills, serve errors, offensive errors and a few aces helped the Corsairs maintain a substantial lead in the first set, which ended 25-18.

SMC started scoring in the second set and it looked like things were going well for them as they quickly took a five-point lead. The Owls had other plans, though, and rallied enough to finish the set with seven points each and take the lead from there. At some point, they led the Corsairs by six points but like the Owls, SMC fought back and finished the set with 22 points each. They could have had one more point but in the end Citrus preserved the second set with a score of 25-23.

The third set started out similar to the second set with the Corsairs leading early. Both teams exchanged the lead a few times before the Owls kept the game and sealed the score 25-22. The number of kills, serve errors and offensive fouls fueled the Corsairs’ offense in the fourth set for an early and strong lead. They never allowed the Owls to get close so the Corsairs successfully finished the fourth set with a score of 25-12.

The final set, shortened to 15 points, saw the Corsairs take an early 5-0 lead. However, Citrus wouldn’t let SMC take the game so easily, and they managed to end the set with nine points each. They finished the set again with a score of ten, but were unable to take the lead and SMC won the fifth set 15-13, and the game played 3-2.

Middle Blocker Maiella Riva reflects after the game on victory. Riva admits the change in interceptions and passes has helped them win again and how she herself has been able to make a difference with some of the saves and touches she makes. was performed incorrectly. She knows the game shouldn’t be that tough, but she’s proud of the team’s victory and the improvement they’ve made throughout the season as a whole.

“I have come a long way. The whole team has come a long way. Our coach is amazing, Christian is the best,” said Riva. “I have learned so much in such a short period of time.”

Mid laner Rain Martinez also reflected on the win. Like Riva, she knows the game shouldn’t go on for that long. Communicating and being more aggressive are things she admits could be improved throughout the game to make it easier. She is very excited with the overall win and is ready to continue practicing new tactics to improve her play and continue to see the improvement of the whole team.

“I’ve seen a lot of changes in everyone on the team and we’ve become a better family,” Martinez said.

The women’s volleyball team’s record is currently 14-5 overall and 5-2 in WSC South. Their next game will be at home on Wednesday, October 26 against the West Los Angeles College Wildcats. Last time they faced Corsairs had the upper hand with a 3-2 win.

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