Led by head coach Kelly Wood, the Humboldt State women’s volleyball team is looking to have a strong season after a disappointing 3-21 record last year.

“I think nothing motivates a team more than finishing 3rd and 21st, it’s a bad feeling and it’s something we all want to continue,” Wood said. “We’re all on a mission to have a better season, motivating them after a season like last year isn’t too hard, that alone is enough to get your girls excited. “

Wood’s team has been training twice a day for the past two weeks as they prepare for their season opener against Pacific Union on August 23. Before the internal debate, Wood walks around the players. her and ask them to tell her their goal in the match. She uses objectives to focus her players on the game in progress.

“We score before every game, we don’t do that before every training session, I want to see that they are listening and learning,” Wood said. “We gave them a lot of information and tried to instill in them the philosophy of what we needed to be successful, and I also thought it was a good mental test because they were there talking about it. waffles.”

Previously, the Lumberjacks only had a two-day practice week before the start of the regular season. This year, the two extra workdays a week helped the coaching staff work on the aspects of the game that they felt the team needed to improve on.

“Setup is a weakness for us and we are working to improve on it,” Wood said. “That’s all we do every morning, we’re on the floor, we can’t dance, no matter how strong you are, you come here and dance six hours a day, you’ll get hurt, they already hurt. as possible.”

Second-year founder Juliana Bertolucci believes last season’s disappointing record, which ended with an 11-game losing streak, provides an extra element of momentum for her Lumberjacks team.

“Ending the losing streak pushes us to work harder in the gym, on the field and off the pitch, eat better and train more,” Bertolucci said. “We’ve got more intensity on and off the court and we’ve worked really hard this past spring to be able to have the winning season we’re about to have.”

Team captain Odelia Ryan is excited as the season begins and feels that the new influx of talent will help improve the team.

“We’re super excited that we have a lot of new girls, so it’s exciting to see how we do as a new group, but we also have a big core coming back and That will help a lot.”

The Jacks opened their season on the road and will stay there, as their first nine games of the 2018 season were road games. Humboldt’s first home game will be against Cal State Monterey Bay on September 7.

“Our conference and our region as a whole are very competitive, we were a 3-21 team last year but I guarantee that nobody thought we were going to be easy,” Wood said. “I’m playing game by game, I always do”

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