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Name astrologers say that children with this name are intelligent (Image credit: Pixels)

Asm Rishi or Name Astrology says that the nature and personality of any person can be estimated from the first letter of his name. Each name has certain characteristics that make each person special. However, here we are talking about some letters that stimulate children’s minds. Choosing your children’s name with these letters can make them good at reading and writing. They can win someone’s heart and don’t give up easily.

Check out the letter here:

Children whose names start with the letter K are highly intelligent. They excel in reading and writing and they are quick learners too. They have a good economic status and they start acquiring things at a young age. Their work brings fame to their parents and they are also very serious about their career.

You can also name your children with the letter L. These children do very well in their studies. They can also earn a lot of name due to their intelligence and hard work. In general, they have nothing and are always busy learning something new. They have also been successful in creating their own identity in the society.

Children whose name starts with the letter P are successful in winning people over. They work extremely hard to achieve success and their brains work very fast. They are quick learners and deserve praise everywhere. These children love their parents and can go to raise them for their happiness and well-being.

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