The government of India has accelerated the process for the privatization of the Vizag steel plant. Before the process begins, the Center wants to ensure that all legal issues are cleared during the course. So the Union Steel Ministry has issued a notification for the appointment of legal advisor and commercial advisor for the privatization process.

The Center has also asked interested parties to submit a ‘Request for Proposal’ and early applicants will have the opportunity to take full ownership of the privatization process. In a new development on July 22nd, a large meeting will be held regarding the extraction of hundreds of thousands from the steel building. If the Center chooses trade and legal advice, it will be an official start of privatization.

Learning about this, the workers of the Vizag steel plant staged a protest. They demanded to return to the private process. The Ayodhyaram JAC leader said that there will be significant results if the Center remains firm and continues to progress with the privatization of the steel plant.

Apart from AP BJP, the rest of the political parties in AP are against the privatization of Vizag steel plant and there is a great tension among the workers and people of Vizag.

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