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Section P & E

Telephone : 0866- 2428877

Circle office


D.No. 54-15-4B,

First Floor, Lakshmi Road,

Srinivasanagar Bank Colony,

Ring Road, Vijayawada- 520008




Place, Place

Captain eats at


Maddilapalem, Visakhapatnam

2500 Sft

(Visakhapatnam Division)

The offer includes the following:


    1. Invitation announcement
    2. References to donors
    3. Terms & Conditions
  1. Details of the property offered
  2. Section description
  3. Power room details

BID budget:

i) Payment/rental details of the given house.

All the documents mentioned above shall be submitted to the bank duly signed by the lender on all sides.




Section P & E

Phone: 0866- 2428877

Circle office

:8333813817, 7382932190

D.No. 54-15-4B, First Class,


Srinivasanagar Bank Colony,

Ring Road, Vijayawada- 520008

CANARA BANK intends to take commercial premises on lease basis from private individuals. Bids are invited under the Two Bid System as per the details given below:

1. Must:

Location of the house



2500 Sft Visakhapatnam




A. Preference will be given to the house on the ground floor

  1. The power room measuring about 300 Sft as per Banks specifications will be built in the building by the donor.
  2. The power requirement is 30 KW.

2. Those who submit the above requirements are requested to collect the grant documents from the above Office. The offer form can be downloaded from our website

  1. Tenders submitted in a Sealed Envelope Super marked “OFFER FOR HIRING OF PREMISES AT ……………….(Location, Location)” must be submitted by 3:30 PM at 09.01.2023 at Premises & Estate Section , Circle Office at the address given above.
  2. The offer will be opened on the same day at 5:00 PM at the above office in the presence of the voters or their authorized representatives who choose to be present.

Brokers / Intermediaries will not be entertained. Canara Bank reserves the right to accept or reject any or all full/partial applications without assigning any reason.






Bank Manager


References to donors

  1. Notice of offer, instructions to offerors, terms and conditions, details of the property offered, description of carpet, details of power room and finance money that will be part of the donation to be left by the donor.
  2. Bids will be submitted in two Bid System ie, Technical Bid and Financial bid.
  3. The Technical Bid contains all the information required in an inquiry and contains, inter alia, details about the property ie, name and address of the bidder, place, location of the unit, copy of the plan attached with completion/work. certificate, area of ​​the floor of the unit to be rented, details of internal finishing, utilities, installation of electrical power, use of the property, certificates of ownership and with clear market, and other terms and conditions related to renting a house (except the price). The Technical Bid shall be submitted in a sealed cover (Marked Envelope-1) marked as “Technical Bid for Hiring of Office Premises for Canara Bank Branch/Office at…………….(Location, Location)”. The name and address of the donor must be clearly stated on the cover.
  4. The Financial Bid shall contain financial details only, i.e., the rate / rent per sq.ft. in terms of capital and other financial results. Financial Bids shall be placed in a sealed envelope (Marked Envelope -2) and marked “Financial bid for lease of office premises for Canara Bank at……………… (Location, Place)”. The name and address of the donor must be clearly stated on the cover.

5. The two sealed envelopes shall be placed in a sealed envelope marked “OFFER FOR HIRING OF PREMISES FOR CANARA BANK AT……..

Submit on or before the due date and time for submission.

6. Offers received late for any reason, including postal delays after the time and date fixed for sending offers will be considered “LATE” and will not be considered. done.

7. Copies of these documents shall be submitted with the Technical Bid in support of the details given therein.



  1. A set of floor plans, sections, elevations and site plan of the given building showing specific points, main road, street on either side if there is street width /sa with related properties, etc.
  2. A copy of the title of the examination and the search report along with copies of the registration documents.
  3. Documents related to land use change i For non-farming from proper authority.

8. All the columns of the application form must be filled in correctly and no column should be left blank. All pages of the grant documents must be signed by the grantor/acceptor. If there is joint ownership, all participants must sign all sides of the bills (Technical and Financial Bids). Any writing or use of white ink shall be duly verified by the donor. Incomplete offers / offers with incorrect details are liable for rejection.

9. If there is enough space in the donation form, donors can attach separate documents.

  1. The offer is subject to the terms/conditions mentioned in the offer. However, the terms/conditions allowed will be provided in a separate sheet marked “list of deviations”. The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject all or any of the deviations without assigning any reason.
  2. Separate gifts will be submitted, if the value of the gift is greater.


i) Technical bids will be opened on the date and time specified in the notice inviting the tenders in the presence of the tenderer at our above office. The donor is told of his own will to go on that day, at the time mentioned.

ii) The first short-term lenders will be notified in writing by the Bank to schedule an inspection of the loaned premises.

iii) After visiting the site, the Technical Bid will be evaluated on various aspects such as location, equipment available, classification, proximity, proneness to water logging / water and among others, the quality of the construction, the quality of the interior design of the building and the arrangement of the buildings. in difficulty etc., and eligible bids/shortlists will be eliminated for opening the Financial Bid.

13. Registration in any way will disqualify the donor.

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