BROOK PARK, Ohio – If a qualified candidate is found to fill the role of Brook Park’s income tax administrator, it is unlikely that the city will transfer its tax collection job to an agency. others, such as the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA).

A RITA representative spoke before the City Council in October, explaining the benefits of having the agency handle future tax collections for Brook Park. No action was taken by the council at the time, however, finance director Greg Cingle said he would prefer to keep the tax at home.

Cingle at the city council meeting on December 13 discussed legislation creating the position of full-time income tax adjuster, which is expected to be introduced, and will face a possible vote in Council, December 20. Salary is $70,000 to $85,000.

According to the proposed ordinance, minimum qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or a related discipline from an accredited college or university, as well as Municipal income tax or related experience of at least three years. He also noted that “equivalent education and experience in the municipal income tax field” may substitute for “formal education after high school.”

“I need someone who can run the department in my absence and be here for many years,” Cingle told the council. “I am looking for a permanent solution to the income tax movement. I feel this gives us the best way forward.”

He said he wants someone to stay in office for at least five years. Cingle also told the council that two pending retirements of full-time tax department employees are expected to occur “after the 2024 tax season.”

Anyone interested in applying for the tax administrator position can email Cingle at

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