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Meet Black Moon Lilith, a strange astrological “split” (I’ll explain) associated with lust, sexual freedom, and the uncanny power to claim (or perhaps more appropriately, reclaim) your identity. Sounds bad, doesn’t it? Also quite annoying, huh? Just keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the real queen of the underground.

First things first: Black Moon Lilith does not exist. Physically, it is. Unlike the big-name planets we track in astrology or the lesser-known asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, the black moon Lilith actually has one. location, There is no celestial existence. To understand how this space is coordinated, allow me to take you through some light astronomy.

As the Moon revolves around the Earth, it follows an elliptical orbit in which the Earth is not exactly at the center – it is actually closer to one side. This means that the Moon is sometimes closer to the Earth than at other times. When the moon is closest, when it forms the moon is called a “supermoon”. lunar perigee – But when it is too far, it is lunar apogee. Stay here with me.

Dark Moon Lilith is located at the point that mirrors Earth’s position in the oval on the side of the Moon’s apogee. In other, shorter, words: it’s basically the real-life version of Pink Floyd The dark side of the moon. (In fact, it’s sometimes referred to as the “black moon”!)

According to ancient Mesopotamian and Jewish mythology, this would be Adam’s first wife, Lilith. While the ever-popular Eve was born from Adam’s skin, Lilith and Adam both emerged from the dust of the earth, highlighting Lilith’s autonomy as separated from Adam. As the story goes, Lilith refused to submit to him, exercising her right to assert her independence and sexual freedom; As a result, she was banished from the Garden of Eden for refusing her wifely duties.

For centuries, Lilith has been portrayed as corrupt, evil, and even demonic. (In ancient Hebrew, Lilith translates as “monster of the night” or “creature of the night.”) Her wild, evil spirit was believed to curse pregnancies, steal babies, and even steal men’s semen. yes.

A few decades ago, feminist writers and activists took a closer look at Lilith’s story and reputation. In 1972, Lily Revlon published an article Ms The magazine challenges Lilith’s negative connotations and redefines her as a “feminine archetype” that is creative and self-liberating.

Although Black Moon Lilith is often asexual, I find that its mysticism and symbolism are best expressed through it. decrease Physicality: Black Moon Lilith is a void. absence the missing piece Likewise, Black Moon Lilith represents our most repressed desires that want to be expressed. It speaks to the dark parts of ourselves that we are often afraid to admit or where we feel criticized or misunderstood. When we choose to explore these empty spaces in our stories, we can make incredible discoveries about the most hidden parts of ourselves: our desire, autonomy, desire and freedom.

Everyone has Black Moon Lilith in their complete astrological profile, i.e. birth (or natal) chart. Using astrological software, such as TimePassages or, you’ll be able to identify Black Moon Lilith’s zodiac sign in your chart (bonus points for figuring out which astrological sign it is, if you’re up for the challenge). is home). Below are the words associated with each of the 12 signs; Note that Black Moon Lilith is about reclaiming autonomy, so by connecting that concept with relevant words, you’ll discover what raw, reclaimed energy feels like for you.

  • Black Moon Lilith in Aries: Success, competition, winning
  • Dark Moon Lilith in Taurus: Valuableness, value, stability
  • Dark Moon Lilith in Gemini: Communication, Information, Influence
  • Black Moon Lilith in Cancer: Nurture, support, sensitivity
  • Dark Moon Lilith in Leo: Exposure, Light, Courage
  • Dark Moon Lilith in Virgo: Structure, Organization, Healing
  • Black Moon Lilith in Libra: Partnership, commitment, balance
  • Black moon Lilith in Scorpio: change, metamorphosis, depth
  • Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius: Expansion, wisdom, exploration
  • Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn: Determination, ambition, motivation
  • Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius: Rebellion, activity, progress
  • Dark Moon Lilith in Pisces: Intuition, Psychology, Creativity

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