A tense situation prevailed for three hours at the railway station here on Friday when Ayyappa devotees staged a protest on the track and blocked the 8567 Visakhapatnam – Kollam Express, saying no so that the authorities connected the required number of vehicles. the train.

Pilgrims booked their tickets to sit in the sleeping cars in the olden days. But when they went to the railway station in the morning, they found that four sleeping cars given to them were missing. They were told by concerned employees that the four coaches were moved as per the railways policy to reduce sleeper coaches in trains and add AC coaches in their place.

It was found that the new AC coaches were not attached to the train. If done, sleeper passengers could have been increased and given space in AC cars as per the existing policy.

The ‘new composition coach’ was given in August itself. But these passengers had their tickets booked a day before the revised bus notification was issued, as tickets can be booked up to four months in advance, said and a source of Railways.

On getting information about the protest, BJP MLC PVN Madhav spoke to the officials and expressed his displeasure with them.

“The railway officials told me that the project was done at the East Coast Railway (ECoR) headquarters in Bhubaneswar, and two sleeper cars were moved by them,” said Mr. Madhav. The Hindu.

“I have told the authorities that it is wrong to open the cars without prior notification to the passengers. I have also sought legal action against those involved for handling the problem wrongly. . They agreed to connect the cars and send the pilgrims on the same train,” said Mr. Madhav.

The train finally left at 11.10 am, after a delay of three hours, from Visakhapatnam Junction.


“Kollam train is equipped with LHB rake now. As a result, the number of trains has been reduced from 24 to 22. Also, the Railway Board has decided to reduce the number of sleeper coaches in all trains and add more AC coaches. There seems to be a communication gap, which has caused problems for the passengers. We added four coaches today and all the passengers have been given accommodation,” said Divisional Railway Manager Anup Satpathy.

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