Vishakapatnam: Andhra University on Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a startup Garudalytics founded on the campus by an alumnus of the university.

A Telangana-based startup, Garudalytics specializes in using location information to solve spatial problems using insights from location data.

“Garudalytics is important for the development of GIS applications, especially for drone technologies,” Andhra University vice chancellor Prof PVGD Prasad Reddy told engineering students and faculty at the time. of signing the MoU.

Garudalytics and Andhra University will also explore opportunities for business and academic engagement in research projects, skill development training, faculty development programs, internships, professional development and other needs.

The vice chancellor revealed that Garudalytics is accepting 30+ students for internships. It has already hired some geo engineering students. Automated drones, machine intelligence drones and many other activities such as those in developed countries can expect the 4th industrial revolution, Prof Prasad Reddy has observed.

Drone technology has advanced during the Covid-19 pandemic. UAVs and other sensors were widely popular at the time.

The VC said that five helipads will be constructed at AU Engineering College to facilitate drone operations.

“We have more plans to make AU compete with the IITs and famous government schools. This is an opportunity for students from all schools to show their potential,” said Prof Prasad Reddy.

According to Prof Vazeer Mahammood, head of the geo-engineering department, AU and Garudalytics will work on business-academia research projects with advanced resources from AU. They are developing course curricula for degree and diploma programs for students from many disciplines, not just those studying geoinformatics.

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