Sometimes when we look for astrological compatibility, we look at the sun signs which is a wrong mistake. There is a pot of gold that one can find if they dig deep into relational astrology.

How to do this, you ask?

There are several ways to interpret a single sinestrative chart. What is the potential of this relationship? Is it a long-term item or is it something that will be thrown away like a stale pizza? There are many factors to consider. Here is the Moon sign that I think comes first on the list as a candidate. A rising or rising sign certainly comes closest. Sun sign compatibility also reveals a lot, but in fact all traditional new constellations should be examined in depth for a clear understanding.

Planets highlight certain areas of your life and should be fully accessible when looking at synastry astrology. Will these two people thrive? Will they become static? Will they be able to thrive and create or will they be victims of accidents, big and small?

At Synastry Astrology, we compare two astrological charts to determine strengths and weaknesses in a romantic relationship or marriage and is an invaluable resource for people trying to understand their partner and their future with them. It’s the best way to gauge whether a couple is compatible in bed, whether they’ll have similar ideas about raising children, whether they’ll love each other… and so on.

Which planets have the greatest influence on synastry?

Moon, Venus and Mars are important planets to be examined, but ascendants should also be compatible.

If the Moon signs are of the same element, then a better emotional understanding can develop between the two. Take an Aries Moon and pair them with Leo and watch the sparks fly. There is a magnetic pull between the elements of the Moon signs and it is the first thing that brings them together.

When we talk about Venus, we talk about what attracts us, physically and mentally; Venus rules Taurus (Earth) and Libra (Air). Mars represents our sexual desire or libido, so studying Mars in both charts will tell us how the couple will experience sexual compatibility. For example, if a girl’s Mars is in Taurus, chances are high that she will find Mars in Cancer very sexually attractive and their sex life will be very jealous and possessive.

The Sun is our primary energy because compatible Sun signs can help a couple find a long-term purpose in life together. A Gemini Sun may communicate well and laugh a lot with a Libra or Aquarian as they are all air. Some elements are friendly, such as water and earth in one team and fire and air in another. Fire and water sun signs may find it more difficult to find a common life purpose!

The Ascendant is the helm of the natal chart because it is best to find someone who is compatible with your Ascendant. Aries is compatible with fire and air signs, but not so much with earth and water signs. Water sign rising natives may find that Aries native is cruel and heartless. The thing to note is that, when you first meet your lover or spouse, it is their rising sign that comes before you. You really have to drill down deep and deep to see the qualities of a Moon sign.

What do we take from all this?

The ascendant and your sun sign will bring you together for the first time. Moon, Venus and Mars will determine if the attraction is strong enough to sustain the marriage.


Planets interacting with each other make aspects and in synastry, you need to find out where the Sun, Ascendant, Moon, Venus or Mars are making aspects. If your Venus is triangulating your Mars, then this is a sign of sexual attraction. If it is square Mars, then there is a lot of sexual conflict. On the other hand, Mars/Venus aspects create friction and reveal ego battles. Oppositions and square aspects are more challenging, while conjunctions and trine aspects are more harmonious when it comes to matching planetary energies.

When the Moon conjuncts Venus, it can be a good sign of emotional relaxation. Opposites are like seen energy. With the oppositions of the planets mentioned above, the couple may face many obstacles and challenges. They may suffer from lack of intimacy.

the house

In Synastry, we have to study the connection of houses between two charts. When we analyze the houses, keeping the planets in mind, we can find out the main role each will play in the drama of life. The most important houses to consider are the first, fifth, seventh and eighth and why? Because these houses are related to love, marriage, sex and relationships. If your Mars falls in your eighth house, it is a clear indication of a strong sexual attraction.

Rahu and Ketu are very important for studying karmic relationships and past life relationships, but their aspects provide a challenging environment for both to develop. For example, you have a Virgo Moon conjunct Ketu and he has a Pisces Moon conjunct Rahu. This means that his Ketu is on your Moon and your natal Ketu and this indicates a lover/husband from a past life; It means that you feel drawn to this person because you have a lot to learn and learn from this person.

Take for example, Sun square Sun, a tough challenge if you ask me. But when the pair challenge each other, there is unprecedented progress. Growth is painful. Growth takes time. Again, patience is key when dealing with difficult situations in cognitive astrology.

Think of Venus in a Taurus woman and Mars in a Scorpio man; Their dynamic can be similar to that of Persephone and Hedes, which is far from the traditional love story. In all honesty can we declare that Persephone loved Hades? After Hades sexually assaulted her, he kidnapped her and brought her to Holland. He also cheated her by giving her pomegranate seeds, so she could not leave his territory. We often see these archetypes played by Venus signs (Taurus and Libra) as Persephone and Mars signs (Aries/Scorpio) as Hades.

Although these archetypes are described in Synastry, can it determine the fate or destiny of a marriage? Can synastry reveal whether your lover is your Twinflame? This is unlikely to be the case, because destiny is always changing. It definitely helps you map the terrain of your relationship. If you have the best aspect and communication in your relationship, does it translate into a perfect marriage? No, it doesn’t. A marriage/relationship requires constant work and attention.

The article was written by Tina Mukherjee, a spirit guide who works with astrology, tarot, psychology, yoga, tantra, breathwork and mantra. She works by studying astrological charts to discover heredity.

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