ARIES (March 21-April 20)

Be prepared for some excitement, dear Aries, because this day could be a mixed bag of emotions for you. The daily astrology forecast says, you may feel financially stable but the desire to become richer may also be prominent. You can find business opportunities that can bring in profit even with less investment. Your close family members may share a pleasant surprise with you. Maybe some cousins ​​at home. This day can be interesting and happy on the domestic front. Your boss may be your true well-wisher. He may recommend your name to lead an overseas project. This can be a big boost for your career.

Aries finance today

Today, may be a normal day for you Aries. You can get what you expect from your past investments. Things can be easily transferred and there may be no financial problems. You can work on different ideas to increase your income.

Aries family today

Aries, you may feel good about having a caring family. All the members of your family will take care of each other. Your children may be disciplined and respect their elders. You can get knowledge from your elders.

Aries career today

Your hard work and intelligence can reward you with the success you seek. You can get promotion in your current company. You may also get an opportunity to work in a foreign company. You may enjoy this sudden change in your professional life.

Aries health today

Dear Aries, you may not feel so active during the day. Lack of physical exercise may cause muscle stiffness. You may need to acknowledge the fact that physical fitness may be key to preventing common ailments, so ditch all the slack and get back to work.

Aries love life today

Stars may not be in your favor today Aries your partner may be angry and frustrated with you. No matter how patient you are, there may be some disagreements. Don’t worry, Aries, your loved one may feel better as the day progresses.

Lucky number: 17

Lucky Color: green

By: Manisha Kaushik, Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma

(Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist and Vastu Consultant)



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