The Niall chart consists of 12 houses, each connected to an aspect of your life. Each house has a theme and when there are planets in these houses, the themes become more pronounced.

What is the 11th house in astrology?

The 11th house is ruled by Uranus in modern astrology and Saturn in traditional. It is a house that represents friends, goals and dreams.

The 11th house governs the plans and labors of the 10th house. Here we see the rewards after years of hard experiences, lessons, and discovering our ambitions.

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Meaning of birth signs in 11th house

Aries in 11th house

Having Aries here shows someone who can attract Martian types to their friendship circles. They will have people to help them stay active and motivated.

Their discomfort can set them back, but once they learn to build structure, they are indomitable. The fearlessness of the natives allows them to do what they want and not hold back.

Taurus in the 11th house

With this Venus-ruled house, natives enjoy achieving strong long-term goals that can help them climb to positions of power. They dream big and want to live comfortably.

Here Taurus can impress others with their art and make friends with creative types that allow them to be more passionate about being successful.

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