Non-political Joint Action Committee chairman and former Vice Chancellor of BR Ambedkar University Hanumanthu Lajapathirai, on Sunday, urged the Union government to appoint an expert committee to study technology and cosmopolitan culture in Visakhapatnam, the head of state.

He said that the KN Wanchoo Committee appointed by the Jawaharlal Nehru government also recommended Visakhapatnam as the capital as most of the public representatives chose Kurnool when Andhra Pradesh was formed.

He added that Visakhapatnam could not become the capital due to lack of strong political pressure from the city.

“The Union government which divided the state, should appoint another committee with judicial and administrative experts to assess the viability of Visakhapatnam city to make it the executive capital of the state ,” he said.

He said that Visakhapatnam is important for the Union government as it is the headquarters for the Eastern Naval Command.

“HPCL, BHPV, Steel Plant, and Naval Armament Depot have public sector units. If elected, the Committee can compare the city’s infrastructure with Amaravati and give an impartial report to the Centre,” he said.

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