VISAKHAPATNAM: The Andhra Pradesh government is planning to set up an Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) in Meliaputti similar to the Seetampeta ITDA which was merged into the newly formed Parvathipuram Manyam district after the reorganization of ships of the state.
The ITDA in Seetampeta has more than 1200 tribal communities with a population of 1.5 lakh covering tribal sub-plan mandals. Since the merger of Seetampeta, Bhamini, Veeraghattam and Palakonda mandals in Parvathipuram, the rest of the clans in Meliaputti, Patapatnam, Hiramandalam and Kotturu districts in Patapatnam assembly constituency, have a population of 2.5 lakh. and about 1.5 lakh voters.
The state has eight ITDAs, namely Paderu, Seetampeta, Parvathipuram, Rampachodavaram, Kotaramachandrapuram or KR Puram, Chinturu, Nellore and Srisailam.
About 66 mandals are coming under these ITDA projects. Meanwhile, new ITDA Meliaputti will join the list, sources said.
MLA Reddy Santhi met the chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who is said to have discussed the problems in the constituency.
Santhi again took the CM’s information about the ITDA headquartered at Meliaputti.
The MLA told the media that CM Jagan has given a positive response about the new ITDA and it will come soon.

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