Member of Lok Sabha from Anakapalli BV Satyavathi raised the issue of fishermen displaced due to the NAOB (Naval Alternate Operations Base) scheme in the areas of Rambilli mandal in Anakapalli district, in the Lok Sabha on Friday.

He informed the Ministry of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries and the Ministry of Defence, that two fishing Jetties are proposed to be constructed, one for the fishermen of Kothapatnam and Vadanarsapuram and the other for the fishing community of Bangarammapalem.

He pointed out that a study has been conducted by CICEF (Central Institute of Coastal Engineering for Fisheries), Bangalore, and a suitable report has been given for the construction of a fishing harbor at Pudimadaka in Atchutapuram mandal and the construction of fishing boat for Vadanarsapuram and Kothapatnam and Bangarammapalem is not available between Seethapalem of Rambilli and Dondawaka of Nakkapalli mandal.

The Navy also did not allow the construction of naval technology in the area, he said.

Later the fishermen of Vadanarsapuram and Kothapatnam shifted their fishing activities to Sarada river. But now the land in the river has been acquired by NAOB and the navy has imposed restrictions, which has affected the lives of fishermen, said Dr. Satyavathi.

The fishermen have been protesting since October 17, and are demanding a package for their lives, he said.

The MP urged the relevant agencies to solve the problem and provide a solution to the fishermen displaced by the project.

‘Keep the Waltair Division’

Thanks to the formation of the new South Coast Railway Zone (SCOR) with Visakhapatnam as the headquarters, he approved the proposed Andhra merger of the bifurcated Waltair division with the Vijayawada division, and revealed that It may not be the best. interests of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

He revealed that Waltair Division has 125 years of experience in the regional office with important A1 Category Stations under it and this move if implemented will cause concern among the people of North Coastal AP with railway workers.

Dr. Satyavathi to the United Government to see the maintenance of a bifurcated Waltair Division as a separate division with the establishment of a new SCOR center based in Visakhapatnam.

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