Andhra Pradesh Police arrested five drug dealers and seized 70 grams of drug MDMA, which is worth Rs 5 lakh in the Visakhapatnam market. In view of the new year, the Anti-Narcotic cell of the City Task Force has kept a close eye on drug peddlers and seized the assets of the case. from the hands of the accused.

Anand Reddy Zone II DCP, Visakhapatnam said, “The Taskforce raided and seized the drugs. The police arrested five people from Visakhapatnam city. “70 grams of MDMA, motorcycle, mobile phone and car seized from their journey.

He added that more than 70 to 80 convicts have been arrested in drug cases in the last five months. “We are checking the rowdy sheeters in the city limits with special teams. Anyone can give a complaint through this WhatsApp number to the Vizag police 9493336633,” said Reddy.

Teams have been formed to arrest the accused and identify the first and last links of the accused in the chain. The Visakhapatnam city police have asked parents to keep a close watch on the children’s behavior and if any abnormal behavior and signs of depression are noticed, parents should immediately take the children to the counseling center. business.

“Parents can use the office of the police counseling city “MARPU”, where some drug-addicted children are given advice and are encouraged to change their lives,” said the police.(ANI)

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