Three engineering students from Telangana landed behind bars in Visakhapatnam, after they tried to smuggle ganja from Alluri Sitarama Raju district, on Friday night (December 15.) The police said the students started dealing ganja after receiving the money. cricket betting.

Following instructions from Commissioner of Police Srikanth, CTF teams led by Assistant Commissioner of Police, A. Trinad Rao conducted a raid near DLO Junction and arrested the students B.Tech – Abdul Samad (19), P. Vamsi Krishna (20) from Telangana and Sk. Md. Irfan (19) from Guntur had 22 KG of dry ganja packed in bags.

Sub-Inspector of CTF Sankar Rao said that the three youths were pursuing B. Tech in a reputed university in Telangana and lost money by playing cricket.

Later, they decided to sell ganja to make easy money. In the month of June this year, they came to Araku in the ASR district and found 6KG of ganja, which they took to Telangana and sold. The students reached Visakhapatnam again and went to Araku, where they bought 22KG of ganja, with 1KG of ganja sold for ₹2,000. Based on solid information, the students were arrested in Visakhapatnam city.

“According to the question, students are selling 1KG of ganja for around ₹20,000 to ₹30,000 in Telangana, especially to students,” said SI Sankar Rao. The suspect was handed over to the IV Town Police Station.

In another case, CTF arrested Rahul Kumar (30) of Uttar Pradesh and Pappu Kumar (25) of Bihar, while they were trying to smuggle around 12KG of ganja near a hostel in Allipuram. The police handed over the accused to the second police station.

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