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VISAKHAPATNAM: Tourism in Visakhapatnam and other areas of the Department has picked up pace after a lull imposed by Covid with the footfall increasing more than two times compared to last month. With the winter season at its peak, not only tourists but locals too, are making an effort to explore the uncharted territory in and around the port city to witness the cold temperatures and the emergence of amazing day from several perspectives.

The increase in tourists has brought cheers to the hospitality industry which has been hit hard by the pandemic. Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) managing director Srinivas Pani said the Alluri Sitarama Raju district has seen the highest tourist footfall.

“Vanjangi, Lambasingi, Chintapalli, Maredumilli, and Araku are some of the most visited places. There is a 100-130 percent increase in footfall in the region, with more expected in the next two months due to the cold weather. State tourist centers are fully booked and hotels are booked till mid-January,” Pani said.

The tourist spots were destroyed by the garbage

However, these tourist areas in the Agency’s areas face a pollution threat. People are throwing the clean greens that have been collected in the hills of the Eastern Ghats dumping waste, which is becoming a pollutant. While some visitors carry trash with them when they return, many people throw away plastic bottles due to lack of convenience, especially garbage.

Trade Minister Roja dances with tribal women after inaugurating the Haritha hotels in Lambasingi on Sunday.

“People’s attitude towards environmental protection has changed a little, but there is still a lot of work to be done. Although pollution has decreased, travelers still throw garbage on the roads. It’s a long process, but we are doing everything to protect these tourist spots,” said the director of the APTDC.

Traffic jam

In addition to pollution, traffic congestion continues to be a major concern in prime tourist areas. Amidst the rush, the State Police and the tourism office are working together to ease traffic and allocate suitable parking spaces in these areas. Vehicles can be seen parked on both sides of the roads, causing inconvenience to commuters,” he said.

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