Have you ever thought about a special person or a special place? Or maybe you’ve noticed a particularly uncomfortable feeling in your stomach, letting you know that something is just off. off? Intuition is something we all have and feel, but some zodiac signs are more receptive to different energies than others. Read on to discover the most unusual zodiac signs, from the seemingly insightful to the seriously psychic.

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Scorpios are known to over process information and are true over thinkers. Because of this, they are also quite intelligent.

“Scorpios can be a bit cynical and can sense when others are thinking negatively of them,” says Stina GarbisA professional psychic at psychicstina.com. “They are very self-conscious and worry about what others are thinking, and can quickly and easily pick up bad vibes in a room.”

Scorpios can feel uncomfortable energy and sense when something bad might happen to themselves or a friend. But it’s not all negative, they’re great for people to consult if you ever need advice about someone you’re dating or a job you’re thinking of taking.



Libras have an incredibly relaxed and calm energy. When the world turns bad, this is the sign that keeps them cool. They are also wonderful friends because they have your best interest at heart.

“With their moderate nature, Libras have the ability to find the best solution to a problem, understanding the deepest needs and desires of others in relation to specific outcomes,” Garbis says. “Liberty has the gift of understanding and making the best of a situation.”

It’s safe to say that if you’re ever at a crossroads in life, you can count on a Libra to use their intuition to give you honest and open advice.



Lewishead are strong men who march to the beat of their own drum. This sign, which is ruled by the Sun, is extremely sensitive to the energy of other people, and therefore can be incredibly charismatic, kind and unusual.

“Leos are very creative and outgoing and have the ability to read a room,” Garbus says. “They know what to say and how to make people laugh at just the right time. Their intuitive nature also gives them a natural comedic genius.”

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Aquarians are constantly thinking about tomorrow, instead of the present moment. This gives them the rare ability to be more in tune with the future, and is therefore one of the most unusual signs.

“Aquarians have a knack for fixing almost anything, and they seem to have a natural eccentric nature,” Garbus says. “They can be trendsetters and are always ahead of the curve knowing what’s coming.”

Ruled by Uranus, this air sign is also incredibly active and loves to offer support and hope to loved ones when it comes to their future. This sign uses their intuition for the sake of others, due to their unwavering compassion.



Cancers are known for being emotional, a character trait that comes in handy when they have to trust their gut. Their healing and emotional nature gives this sign order and smart instincts.

“Cancers are very intuitive and have a tendency to know what’s wrong,” Garbis says. They are natural healers and look inside a person’s body or mind to see what the biggest problem is,” Garbus says. “They are very intelligent, and empathetic, and make excellent watchdogs.”

Although Cancer has great intuition, astrology Siddharth Karma Warns that they may not be able to balance it with others. “Since they are emotionally attached to people, Cancer people need to keep a balance between their emotions and intuition,” he says.

While of course everyone wants to have intuition, it’s especially important for Cancers to be able to separate facts from feelings. Although having a gut feeling is important, it is not necessary for every situation.

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The sign of Pisces is the most unusual zodiac sign because of their intense feelings and sensitivity to other people, especially to the people they love.

“Their fluid nature, and sensitivity to the emotions of others gives them the ability to fully understand a person,” Garbus says. “They can pick up on what you’re thinking, the song that’s playing in your head, or even know what you ate for your last meal.” Need attention.”

Pisces make for the best psychics and are also the best friends you will ever have.

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