The Niall chart consists of 12 houses, each connected to an aspect of your life. Each house has a theme and when there are planets in these houses, the themes become more pronounced.

Seventh house meaning in astrology

Placements in the seventh house reveal insight into all the various relationships in our lives.

Through the seventh house, we know what we look for in business partners and how we are in romantic relationships. Even the dynamics in our closest friendships can be seen through this house.

Overall, the relationship energy here is not limited to romance. How we present ourselves to the world is also seen here.

The seventh house is a fundamental house and is ruled by the sign of Libra, which is associated with finding balance and grace in our lives. Venus is the ruler of the 7th house.

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7. Home and marriage

While dating is seen more through the fifth house of romance and pleasure, our seventh house is activated when we enter serious relationships.

The placement of the 7th house can often indicate the type of person we are not only attracted to but likely to marry.

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