Curious about the cosmic trends that will shape 2023? us too Fortunately, the AstroTwins are preparing us for next year. Find out what the stars have in store for each zodiac sign, below.

1. Mercury will be retrograde for the New Year – both of them

Forget about barreling into 2023 (or 2024, for that matter) like a boss. The year will be bookended by two Mercury retrogrades: December 29, 2022 to January 18, 2023, then again from December 13, 2023 to January 1, 2024. So, what does this mean for our annual goal setting? Allow yourself to “rest and digest” before you throw out these resolutions. As with all “re-“activities, retrospect is favored, so take the first few weeks of 2023 to reflect on your biggest successes and biggest lessons of 2022. rearview mirrors. It’s okay to be uncertain about the intentions you want to set for 2023.

And here’s a smart move: align your 2023 mission with the first new moon of the year, which happens on January 21. Is it even better? It’s a new moon in Aquarius, the sign of optimism, idealism and innovation, which will help you dream method Out of any box.

2. Grit = glam: Saturn moves into Pisces for the first time in 29 years, touching the polish

As pointless Saturn enters Pisces for three years starting March 7, 2023, the sign of fantasy and illusion for three years, it once again becomes a charming realism. How dare we be jealous? Bella Hadid recently decided to get a nose job at the age of 14, wishing she could “keep my ancestors’ nose.” And TikTok Now, the mega-app’s answer to BeReal, is just heating up, inviting users to quickly post videos in front of them. And Rear camera, possible to pick up any type of curtain. (Like, say, that studio setup in your spare bathroom.)

We can expect more 90s grunge to invade the runways, along with gothic and dystopian fashion, for those who want to indulge in apocalyptic concepts this cycle. And if you were born between 1993 and 1996 or 1964 and 1967, you may be stepping into your Saturn Return – a cosmic rite of passage that challenges you to become a master of your craft.

3. Freedom fighters will not get much rest till May 2023

In 2022, planet Jupiter runs a war mission through Aries (war sign) from May 10 to October 30. From the devastation in Ukraine to the women-led uprisings in Iran—not to mention the war of ethnic liberation, the passage of children’s rights and the 101 democracy that colored the November midterms, the year has felt like one long war. Tired though we may be, it is not time to stop our efforts. Jupiter makes its final lap through Aries from December 20, 2022 to May 16, 2023, putting freedom and identity politics front and center for the first part of the year. Fortunately, courage, strength, and conviction are the way of Jupiter in Aries.

4. The lunar nodes and eclipses of 2023 put commitment back on the menu

Will the power of love prevail? Tara says, “Yes…but It’s time to rewrite the rules. The Moon’s karmic South Node—a special point in the sky—will pass through two relationship-oriented signs, intimate Scorpio and marriage-minded Libra, helping us rethink what it means to be a couple.

Until July 17, the South Node travels 18 months through Scorpio, the sign of sex and birth. after cried Conversely, the risk of unwanted pregnancy comes with greater gravity for heterosexuals. And the 2022 monkeypox epidemic left plenty of gay men reeling. Bottom line: Casual sex sounds like an oxymoron now. According to the match 2022 Singles in America The report, “Young singles are especially sold on long-term relationships, with 80 percent indicating they want to find something that lasts.”

But can we bridge the gap between our individual needs and the demands of relationships? This is the journey we will tackle as a whole as the Moon approaches the nodes in Aries (North Node) and Libra (South Node) from July 17, 2023 to January 11, 2025. The solution will be tested during the May 5 Scorpio Lunar Eclipse. October 14 solar eclipse in Libra.

4. But Venus will be behind the wedding season, so plan ahead!

Let’s start with the good news: Romantic Venus rolls out a long red carpet in passionate Leo, from June 5th to October 8th, a full four months roaming the lion’s den. From June 5 to October 8. wooed) will return eagerly. But there is a caveat to this extended cycle. From July 22 to September 3, the planet of love goes through its retrograde cycle, moving from the evening star (visible in the evening) to the morning star (visible near dawn). These six-week cycles are great for putting relationship issues to bed, such as resolving lovers’ quarrels to prevent love bombers and toxic exes. And in Leo, it can all get very dramatic.

A solution for anyone with a wedding scheduled from July 22 to September 3: Sign a marriage license before or after those dates—or plan to renew your vows on your first anniversary. Don’t sweep pre-event issues under the rug. An additional couples therapy session and a designated wedding planner (or future in-laws) may be your best investment.

5. Gypsy refreshes hope around work, money, and the economy in the middle of the year

With inflation rising and a potential recession looming—not to mention the crypto winter and FTX scandal—clear consumerism is out for 2023. The labor market continues to struggle with both layoffs And Labor shortage. But before you get bogged down in doomsday thinking, look ahead to May 16 when majestic Jupiter enters Taurus, the sign of practical luxury, for a year—his first visit here since 2012.

A new type of office may appear in the second half of 2023, meeting the needs of workers for job satisfaction and autonomy while allowing markets to grow and expand.

The lucky gypsy is the galaxy of gamblers: some great fortunes were made when this planet passed through Taurus. (Talk about a new spin on a “bull market.”) John D. Rockefeller became the world’s first billionaire in 1916 in Japan’s Taurus cycle. During the 2012 cycle, Apple claimed a valuation of $600 billion, making it the world’s largest company by market capitalization. Las Vegas was also established during a Jupiter in Taurus transit on May 5, 1905, just said.

6. Pluto enters Aquarius for the first time from 1778 to 1798, putting democracy on the ballot.

While many of us Americans are breathing a sigh of relief after the midterm elections, the fight for democracy isn’t ending anytime soon. Pluto, the planet of destruction and regeneration, enters sci-fi, communal Aquarius from March 23 to June 11—the first time it has moved out of patriarchal Capricorn since 2008. Pluto directs our collective shadow work. As it moves between these two signs for 20 years until it settles in the watery realm on November 19, 2024, it is split between Old World and New World values. Starker

For what it’s worth, the US Constitution was drafted and ratified the last time Pluto was in Aquarius. This time, “we the people…” may actually include more than the ruling class of white men. Tech billionaires will try to tighten their grip on power, but the Pluto destroyer could teach some tough lessons when it exits Capricorn. Shadow Freud Moments ahead.

Want to know more? Find out what they all mean for your zodiac sign and align with the stars for the best 2023. AstroTwins has mapped it all out, along with a calendar of important dates for each important moment of the year, The AstroTwins 2023 Horoscope, available in paperback or PDF. ELLE readers receive a 20 percent discount with checkout code LL 23.

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