In a remarkable display of engineering legs, Tata Steel has managed to collapse a 110 meter high chimney at the Jamshedpur factory with 100 per cent perfection in just 11 seconds – the time from explosion to crash to the ground. What’s amazing is that the fall chimney is in a restricted area for the fall and doesn’t deviate from the fall path. “The controlled demolition of a 110-metre high chimney in 11 seconds at our Jamshedpur Works was performed using a mechanical hinge, allowing the structure to fall in one direction with zero degree deviation,” Tata Steel said in a statement.

The company says that a “water curtain” is used to control dust and a “moat with dykes” is used to absorb vibrations. It is said that the use of ‘Steel wraps’ prevents debris from flying around.

“Today at 11:00 (IST), we have successfully executed a 110 meter high decommissioned exhaust chimney at our Coke plant at Jamshedpur Works under controlled conditions. This high precision, safe and environmentally friendly execution was completed within 11 seconds and involves the use of the latest technology. An unparalleled testimony in the world for our engineering prowess,” said Tata Steel.

The chimney is 27 years old and its demolition was carried out by Edifice Engineering in collaboration with South Africa’s YJ Demolition Company. It might be recalled that it was Building Engineering that brought down the famous Supertek Noida Twin Towers.

It was a smokestack of a closed coke factory dough. Tata Steel said the area was evacuated prior to demolition and security arrangements were put in place to deal with any unwanted incidents. The chimney was built in 1995. According to reports, the company plans to demolish the Coke Plant’s obsolete Coke Tower and Battery 6 Chimney.

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