Anime tends to overstate any subject it covers, and sports anime is no exception. volleyball cartoon Haikyuu!! focuses on the feel of a dedicated volleyball player both on and off the court. It also goes over the specifics of the game and the thought processes and coordination needed for a team to function effectively.

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Haikyuu!! mainly about Karasuno High School Boys Volleyball Club and Shoyo Hinata’s journey to become the new “Tiny Giant”, but the show also covers volleyball tournaments and other teams in the prefecture such as Aoba Johsai, Date Tech, Nekoma, Fukurōdani and Shiratorizawa. In all of these teams, there are different play styles, team strategies, and dynamics that fit volleyball and teamwork. Regardless of the differences between the teams in the program, they play by the same proper volleyball rules.


Player position

The different player positions are explained in the volleyball anime Haikyuu!!

There are six players on the field for each team and 12 substitutions are allowed during the match. Player positions are part of the strategic planning in volleyball because usually, the players have a special skill set for each position. Court positions also rotate, so players must take care of each other’s skill sets to assist when they are removed from their special position.

Five positions Haikyuu!! The focus is on Setter, Left and Right Wingers, Midfielders and Libero. Fans also recognize these by the characters who specialize in them: Kageyama, Tanaka and Hinata, Hinata and Tsukkishima, and Nishinoya. Sixth place is usually taken by Daichi as a Defense Specialist or more recently by Tadashi as a Pinch Server. Defensive specialists help provide support, usually in the back row, but sometimes all over the field, to keep the ball in play. Pinch Server is a special mark that players can earn for excelling at a particular skill, such as Tadashi’s floating serve.

Sports spirit

Haikyuu!!  character bows while on court.

Although the sporting activities of each federation, team and league are different in each sport, Haikyuu!! include volleyball practice sportsmanship with the captain’s handshake at the start and “good game” or “thank you” sentiments at the end. Haikyuu!! also includes the Japanese practice of bowing to the other team and the teams shaking hands to thank them for the game.

Alternate Court

The rotation of the volleyball as depicted in the Haikyuu anime.

Similar to player positions, pitch rotation is also an accurate representation of volleyball. As the game progresses, the player moves to the next position clockwise.

This change occurs after the team that has scored is prevented from scoring again. If the team that wins the point is the team that serves, there is no need to rotate.


The importance of communicating with teammates as described in Haikyuu!!  anime.

Communication between players on the field is crucial to success in any game, especially volleyball. Letting other players know when the ball is in someone’s range or possession helps reduce the chance of collisions and fouls. usually in Haikyuu!!, Fans will hear them call “mine” or “I get it” as these are quick and effective ways to ensure that not too many people go with the same ball.

Words of encouragement are also an important part of on-field communication. When the rest of the team on the sidelines and other players on the field know their teammates are about to make a move, they cheer them on. Haikyuu!! do a great job portraying this.

Warm-up & Practice

Haikyuu!!  warm-up characters.

The game of volleyball can sometimes go on for quite a long time depending on the ability of the playing teams. However, practice is where players get to know themselves better and how they play the game.

The warm-up and practice that fans see the Karasuno players perform is an important part of volleyball. Running, cycling, set-up and serve exercises help fine-tune muscle memory and scoring tactics.


Scoreboard in the anime volleyball sport Haikyuu!!

The team that reaches 25 points first wins the volleyball match. Haikyuu!! play in 3-set matches; The first team to win two sets can advance to the tournament or be the winner of that 1v1 game. The match can also come to an end when both teams reach 24 points and the team that gets 2 points wins the match.

Render Setter

One "Landfills" depicted in the volleyball anime Haikyuu!!

What volleyball rookies always focus on is how to receive the ball and the basics of passing, serving and hitting the ball. If there is enough practice time before the first match, players can learn about things like “setter dump”. This is where the setter, instead of passing to their scorer, sends the ball over the net.

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This is a good method when the blockers have predicted a spike and the receivers have assisted them leaving the floor behind the opposing team wide open and too far away for someone, such as a liberator, to be able to. save it.


Substitute players as described in Haikyuu!!  anime.

The team on the field may not play every tournament or match at all times, so players on the bench may be substituted. In volleyball, they use the official line and number symbols. You can also only change the server once, which is why Tadashi feels pressure to serve well.

Haikyuu!! highlight this aspect of the sport as they highlight players like Suga and Tadashi who are not always in the starting lineup but have special skills that need to be replaced. .


Serving is depicted in the anime volleyball Haikyuu!!

Also known as “serve”, serves are the moves that start the game. It can be used to generate points as players talk about Haikyuu!!, but usually, it’s just to get the ball up in the air and in play. Goal serves are more often out of the line than fans think, so at times, simply getting the ball into the touchline, as Tadashi did, can be the key to winning points. from the server.

Oikawa’s ritual of two-bouncing and one-twisting serves is something fans can notice in many sports. In basketball and volleyball, there is a calm before the free throw or serve, and Oikawa’s serve always starts in the same fashion to help him focus on the game. It also doesn’t always work but the mindset of the ritual is important to the player and the same is true in practice.

special move

Special Characters from Haikyuu!!  anime.

While technically a tourney isn’t anyone’s special move, it’s something a player can’t always plan for on the field. A tourney is when the tacklers on both sides or the tacklers on one side play against the batter on the other, and it’s a test of strength, when they keep the ball in the middle just by contentment. hands and fingertips. It really depends on who can push it through someone else’s hand first.

A special move fans, as well as Nishinoya, love is “Rolling Thunder.” It’s a special libero, and Erik Shoji, the libero of the U.S. Men’s National Volleyball Team, has said that he even does the thunder roll in real life… even though he does. did not publish the name of the move in real-time.

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