• Astrology is much more than your sun sign.
  • For example, understanding your birth chart can help you make career or relationship decisions.
  • We collected 10 great astrology books recommended by astrologers.

For centuries, astrology has been used to help us better understand ourselves. Astrologers look to the planets and constellations to gain important insights about a person, including their personality traits, interests, and problems based on their birth chart (a chart of what was happening in the sky when we were born. were)

This knowledge can be extremely accurate, making sense of emotions or tendencies that might otherwise make us feel anxious. Reading astrology can also help us make big career decisions or learn what types of relationships fulfill us the most.

For those interested in learning more about astrology, the abundance of books and resources out there can be overwhelming – especially since astrology has grown so much in popularity over the past few years. To find the best astrology books, I spoke with several astrologers who recommended everything from introductory guides to deep dives into transit and birth chart compatibility.

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10 Great Astrology Books Recommended by Astrologers:

Early Astrology Books

Intermediate Astrology Books

Advanced Astrology Books

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